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Wish you could bring a team of ministers to your door––but don’t know any who still make house calls? We do.

The Empower Team brings what we can do to where you are––under the leadership of Dr. Lee Gugliotto––an experienced speaker and presenter who can address any age group in virtually any setting. Based on direct input from the pastor or someone in charge, the Team will develop presentations tailored to your specific, local goals or needs.


We are a team of Christians, who equip others to live by faith, talk to people about Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission.

Over the Internet, or better in person, we train people to use spiritual gifts and action plans from the Bible. We also stress prayer for divine guidance to increase spirituality and strengthen relationships with Christ. We even pass on powerful skills to maximize your spirit-led efforts.


We enjoy empowering laypeople and their churches to accomplish the goals God has set for them. To achieve their divine objectives, the people must believe they are within reach and attainable. So, we equip them with simple, effective skills and enable them to use them through onsite and online training. We will travel to any church or organization that invites us to conduct our seminars and workshops. Read more about the team on the "Services" page.


4th Annual Empower Retreat

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